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Printer Bundles

If you’re a bit confused as to where to start with our plastic card printer range, go for a pre-made printer bundle. You can select how many cards you want to do per year we’ll work out how much ribbon you need.

Go for the entry level bundle, starting at around €1200, or the high security bundle starting from €2500.


Starter Bundle

Make ID cards in house cheaply and easily with the Magicard 300 Starter Bundle.  Connect with either USB or Ethernet to your PC. If you can use an office laser printer, you can use this printer.

Select how many cards you need and we’ll work out how many ribbons you need. Add accessories and software via our helpful configurator.

High Security Printer Bundle

The Fargo HDP 5000 is a “re-transfer” printer which prints onto a film which is then sealed to your ID cards at high temperature and pressure. The quality of the card is extremely high definition and durable.

Our handy configurator tool will select the right amount of ribbon and card for your needs.

Print ID Cards In House

If you’re looking for a specific printer brand or model of plastic card printer, browse our range or select from the list of brands offered below.

Make Printed Plastic Cards In House

You can print pretty much any card you like in house using a plastic card printer. If you’re looking to make plastic cards in house, you can browse our range for everything you need to get started. We sell printers which you can use to print gold or platinum cards, vouchers and passes.

Printer Ribbon Brands

Print loyalty, gift, membership cards with your design and details.It’s easy to get your custom design added to plastic cards. Our card printing service is trusted by organisations of all sizes and delivers your cards to you with the minimum of fuss. Printed plastic cards help increase brand visibility. 

Blank Cards

You need blank cards to print cards in house. We’ve got the whole range from value unbranded ones, slot punch, silver, gold, keytags, magnetic stripe, signature panel and biodegradeable cards.

Cleaning Kits, Upgrades & Accessories

Keep your card printer clean and it will give you perfect printed cards every time. Plastic cards can get statically charged and attract dust from the air, so it’s a good idea to clean your printer from time to time.

We’ve got printer cleaning kits for all major brands and models.

Access Control Brands

We supply all major brands of Access Control Cards and Fobs. If you’re not sure of what you need, you can send an existing card into us for idenfication. We’ve good upstream stocks of large brands like HID, MIFARE, Paxton Access and ACT Vanderbilt.


Other Brands :

AAProx | ACT | Aritech | Awid | Cotag | Datalogic | Elatec | EM4200 | Fudan | Guardall | HiTag | Honeywell | Illum | Impro | Kantech | Keri | Legic | Miband | PAC | Salto | STID | Stripe Reader | Sunray | TDSI | Videx | Zebra


Access Control Cards

You’re probably getting ripped off by your existing access control card provider. We’ve got great prices on all prox cards, from the popular HID ProxCard II, ISO Prox II, EM4200 to other more exotic card types.

Buy online or contact us for a quote.

Access Control Fobs

It’s likely that you’re being overcharged by your current supplier of fobs. We supply over 30 types of access control fobs off the shelf from brands like Paxton, ACT, HID and Salto.

Access Control Stickers

RFID Stickers are a great way to add contactless entry and identification without going all out and printing new ID cards. You can stick these stickers to an existing ID pass or put it inside a mobile phone case.

We stock most brands like Fudan, HID and Salto.

Readers & Other Stuff

Most major Access Control brands offer their own readers. We provide a range of and generic readers and branded readers from major manufacturers.

Most readers require an exact type of card to work with them, if you’re in any doubt please contact us.

Custom Printed Lanyards

Identity print full colour branded lanyards. We’ll setup your design for you free of charge and provide a proof so you can see what you’re getting before you go ahead with the printing. 

Plain Unprinted Lanyards

Ideal for staff, employee, event or conference use, we stock metal clip lanyards in a range of different colours; black, red, light blue, dark blue, dark green, grey, navy blueorange, pink, purple, white and yellow.

We’ve also some special options like rainbow pride lanyards, bamboo/rayon, black with reel, red with reel.

For cheaper options, check out the range with plastic clips.

PrePrinted Lanyards

If you’re looking to quickly identify people by groups, our preprinted range of lanyards are ideal. We’ve got ones with wording like SECURITY, STUDENT, VIP, First Aid, Volunteer and more. 

For HSE staff, check our our unique preprinted HSE branded lanyards.


Lanyards with Reels

A small range of lanyards with integrated reel and strap clip. Ideal for use where you need to swipe in and out of access controlled doors.

HSE Lanyards

Preprinted Lanyards with HSE Logo and wording in Irish and English. Available in packs of 25, these are an affordable and economical alternative to printing custom lanyards.

for Paper Inserts

These holders are made from wobbly flexible vinyl which makes it easy to insert a piece of paper or card board. You can also use some of them to hold 3 or more ID cards.

Choose from a range of sizes below: 


Outer Width (mm)Outer Height (mm)Insert Width (mm)Insert Height (mm)
Landscape Orientation
H-VI-CLL97659165 Buy Now
H-VP-CL10810410283 Buy Now
H-PX-CLL97819175 Buy Now
H-VP-110105113124110103 Buy Now
H-VP-150105150125145105 Buy Now
H-VP-A6L160154154133 Buy Now
H-VI-WSH92628954 Buy Now
H-VI-WSH-808083918080 Buy Now
H-VI-CLP65976591 Buy Now
H-VP-CLP10410883102 Buy Now
H-PX-CLP81977591 Buy Now
H-VP-A6P115175105155 Buy Now
ARMBANDS11714011460 Buy Now

for Plastic Cards

BioBadge holders are affordable and great for holding one ID card that is credit card sized. 

We also stock more durable holders made of polycarbonate or acrylic for longer term use.

Dual sided holders are ideal for holding two ID cards in a convenient way.

Heavy Duty & Speciality Reels

Reels are a good alternative for when you can’t use lanyards for safety reasons. We supply a few different types with different clips on the end. Check out the lanyards with integrated reels also.

Magnetic Holders

Magnetic Holders have one side with adhesive, you stick the card to that and the other side of the magnet goes inside a lapel or clothing. The card is then held at the correct height without damaging clothing using pins or clips.

Retractable Reels & Carabiners

Carabiners have a quick release clip which makes it easy to affix it to a belt or handbag strap. These are great if you need to swipe in and out of access control points. They come in a few different colours.

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